Oddsmonkey v Profit Accumulator

The Two Main Matched Betting Platforms

There are two main services in the industry for Matched bettors. The first and original was Profit Accumulator, and the second but more recent was Oddsmonkey.

Up until recently Oddsmonkey were just a company that supplied Oddsmatching software, but in the last year they merged with a small matched betting advisory site to become a fully fledged matched betting service.

There was a bit of trouble between Oddsmonkey and Profit Accumulator when Oddsmonkey launched their service. This was because Oddsmonkey actually supplied Profit Accumulator with the Oddsmatching software. This caused quite an upset and no-one is really unsure what happened behind the scenes but there were some serious accusations being made by the directors and staff over at Profit Accumulator. See this notice here: http://www.oddsmonkey.com/companystatement.aspx

Because of this, Profit Accumulator were left having to develop their own Odds matching solution, which to be fair, was extremely buggy for many months following. Profit Accumulator offered very little recompense to their loyal customers in the meantime which caused quite an upset in their matched betting community. You will note from the above legal statement that it appears that Profit Accumulator were copying or scraping the odds from Oddsmonkey server and placing it on their own!

Since that time, Profit Accumulator have further developed their software but it still lags behind Oddsmonkey in terms of bookmaker availability, speed, and accuracy. Furthermore, Profit Accumulator are way more expensive than Oddsmonkey, something like £45 per month compared to £15. Not just this but Oddsmonkey have a full suite of software including:

  • Each way matcher – for guaranteeing money placed on each way horse racing bets
  • Dutching software – more complicated matched betting
  • ACCA software – for placing ACCA bets and laying against the accumulator refund
  • Advanced bet calculator – for working out the lay stakes etc.

With Oddsmonkey being the main software supplier and knowing the bookmakers inside out, we would recommend anyone interested in matched betting to check them out first. From what we have heard, their support team is second to none, and they are now offering one on one support for people that are struggling with the basics.

Profit Accumulator have a large following, but many do not know of the full history and that there is another matched betting platform available.

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